deniz özyıldız
Recent and upcoming
North East Linguistic Society 49, Oct. 5-7
Complementizers in Laz are attitude sensitive
with Ömer Demirok (first author) and Balkız Öztürk

Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody 4, Oct. 11-13
Describing and accounting for a 'prosodic factivity alternation' in Turkish

Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics 14, Oct. 19-21
Factivity and question embedding: The view from factivity alternating languages

Proceedings papers
West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 36
with Emar Maier and Travis Major
Communicative reception reports as hear-say: Evidence from indexical shift in Turkish
[abstract, handout, paper]

Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics 10 (2014)
Not all possessors in Turkish are anti-subject oriented
[WAFL 10 poster, paper]

Semantics and Linguistic Theory 27
Attitude reports with and without true belief
[abstract, handout, paper]

The Semantics of African, Asian and Austronesian Languages 3
with Rodica Ivan
The Somali Microscope: Personal Pronouns, Determiners and Possession [paper]

Sinn und Bedeutung 21
with Rodica Ivan
The temporal presuppositions of Somali definite determiners [paper]

ESSLLI Student Session
Knowledge reports without truth
[abstract, paper]

Berkeley Linguistics Society 42
first author: Kristine Yu
The absolutive particle ia in Samoan [paper]

Book chapter
Quantifiers in Turkish [prepublication draft]
in Handbook of Quantifiers in Natural Language: Volume II
Eds. Denis Paperno and Edward Keenan

Knowledge reports with and without true belief
(and other explorations in Turkish clausal embedding) [First generals paper]

Move to mI, but only if you can
[WAFL 11 handout, paper]

When I is not me: A preliminary case study of shifted indexicals in Turkish [paper]

Semantics and Linguistic Theory 28
A prosodic factivity alternation explained by clause movement
[abstract, poster]

Annual Conference on African Linguistics 49
Graded nominal tense in Kipsigis
with Maria Kouneli

Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics 13
Knowledge reports with(out) true belief [poster]

Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics 12
*Say what? A Turkish word order restriction explained by prosody [poster]

Penn Linguistics Conference 42
Quantifier raising derives factivity and its prosody

Tu+3 11/19/2017
Factivity and prosody in Turkish attitude reports

MIT Ling Lunch 10/26/2017
Factivity and prosody in Turkish attitude reports

What can't you move to the right in Turkish, and why [PhoNE 2016 handout]

A parallel OT analysis of Turkish prestressing suffixes [PhoNE 2015 handout]