deniz özyıldız
Note: The core generalization in my 2016 work on prosody is independently noted in previous work by Gunes (2013). For an analysis of ki clauses, which escape the generalization, see Gunes & Griffiths (2014)

2017 · Knowledge reports with and without true belief (SALT 27 handout)
2016 · [Superseded by the above] Knowledge reports with(out) true belief (Tu+2 slides)
2016 · *Say what? A Turkish word order restriction explained by prosody (WAFL 12 poster)
2016 · Factivity alternations in Turkish (ECO-5 handout)
2016 · What can't you move to the right in Turkish, and why (PhoNE 2016 handout)
2016 · The Somali microscope: Personal pronouns, determiners and possession (ACAL 47 handout)
          [with Rodica Ivan]
2015 · Quantifiers in Turkish (draft)
2015 · Move to mI, but only if you can (WAFL 11 handout, paper)
2015 · A parallel OT analysis of Turkish prestressing suffixes (PhoNE 2015 handout)
2014 · Not all possessors in Turkish are anti-subject oriented (WAFL 10 poster, paper)
2012 · When I is not me: A preliminary study of indexical shifting in Turkish (paper)