deniz özyıldız

Hi there! I'm a third year linguistics graduate student at UMass, Amherst.

I'm currently working on the syntax and semantics of attitude reports in Turkish. The core phenomenon is meaning alternations you get when you compose an attitude predicate with different kinds of embedded clauses. For instance with the predicate 'know', one type of embedded clause will yield a factive interpretation, like the English 'John knows that the coup was staged', and another, a non-factive interpretation: 'John thinks (lit. knows) that the coup was staged'. I don't have a explanation yet, but I'm getting there!

A second project is about the syntax and semantics of (pro)nominal expressions in Somali. I work on this with Rodica Ivan. A lot of the (invisible) semantic machinery people think pronouns and nouns introduce, mostly related to definiteness and time, are expressed overtly in the Somali system. We're working on describing that.